Top 5 Tips to APC Success

Stephen Hateley
At Faithful+Gould we know a thing or two about helping our people pass their APC. Over the past five years we have managed to achieve a pass rate of 79%, significantly higher than the RICS national average.

Our 79% pass rate is no mean feat. It reflects the dedication of our young talent and the support that we give them. For those embarking on the road to chartership, there are some key steps that should be followed.

1. Choose your employer wisely!

At Faithful+Gould we pride ourselves on our APC process. Employing professionally qualified, competent people matters to us and matters to our clients. We’re open and transparent with our pass rate – we tell it like it is. We learn from our results and try to improve what we do each year. We don’t rest on our laurels.

Over the last 5 years (10 final assessment sittings) our results were:

Faithful+Gould CandidatesTotalPassReferralFaithful+Gould Pass RateRICS National Average Pass Rate
Combined 137 108 29 79% 65%
Quantity Surveying 67 57 10 85% 67%
Building Surveying 45 29 16 64% 58%
Project Management 24 21 3 88% 74%

Not all employers are the same. If you’re a graduate, and serious about getting chartered, then ask some searching questions at your interview. Probe your potential employer on how they support their candidates and what reference materials they have available. Enquire whether they hold an internal process to ‘pre-qualify’ their people before allowing them to sit the Final Assessment.

2. No man (or woman) is an island

The APC tests your ability to clearly explain your knowledge and how you would apply it in different scenarios. Working with others in small groups allows you to talk through what you’ve learnt and receive their comments. Through their feedback you’ll know how well you’ve been understood. If you’ve confused your colleagues, you’ll confuse the assessors.

3. It's your career - it's your APC

Passing the APC is no ‘walk in the park’. That’s why it is worth having. Even our brightest and most academically qualified people need to roll up their sleeves and study hard. At Faithful+Gould we believe that the balance of effort between employee and employer should be about 70/30. We’ll support our people as much as we can but we expect them to provide the majority of the effort. Being chartered will help accelerate your career and broaden your opportunities. You’ll get out of your career what you put in – the APC is no different.

4. Cut up the elephant...

Planning how you spend your study time is vital. Make sure that you allocate sufficient time to each competency and area of study. The temptation is to eschew the areas you either don’t know or know less well. Do this and you’ll have gaps in your knowledge. Draft a plan and stick to it.

5. When you’re on the stage you’ve got to perform!

The APC challenges your ability to present and advise a potential client. At Final Assessment you will demonstrate whether or not you are ready to do this. You’ll need to control your nerves, put expression into your speech and effectively use body language. At Faithful+Gould, we have a performance coach that helps our people develop techniques to present in a clear and structured manner. It’s no good having a head full of knowledge if you can’t get your point across!

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