Transforming Love Field Airport

Leslie Marcum
Southwest Airlines recently celebrated the opening of the first 11 gates at the new 20-gate concourse at Love Field in Dallas, TX.

The long anticipated modernized facility has brought more room for passengers, a variety of restaurants and stores, an updated main lobby and plenty of electrical and USB outlets. Faithful+Gould has been involved with the Love Field project since 2008 providing the preparation of budgets, cost estimates, project phasing schedules, construction schedule review and progress monitoring through completion.

Faithful+Gould has been involved with the Love Field project since 2008...

In addition to the 20-gate concourse, this $519-million project consists of a new ticketing wing, new baggage claim hall, new inbound and outbound baggage handling system, major renovations and additions to the existing terminal building, and new aircraft apron along with various landside road improvements.

Critical construction sequencing was paramount to maintaining a fully operational airport while at all times providing a safe and secure facility for travelers, airport staff and construction personnel. According to the Dallas Morning News, Southwest chairman and chief executive Gary Kelly recognized the project as being on time and on budget. This is a testament to our very own Joe Libert and Larry Nobbe, who created the original budget and phasing plan. Joe began this project five years ago and continues to monitor progress versus schedule until the remainder of the gates and baggage claim open in October 2014.

This project is providing passengers with a completely transformed airport.

The Love Field Program is much more than a modernization – this project is providing passengers with a completely transformed airport. Joe Libert, director - technical, commented, “When you see passengers step into the new terminal with a confused look some even questioning if they are in the correct city – it reinforces just how large and exciting this transformation was.”

A notable change can be found in the presence of art throughout the terminal. With the help of the community, the Department of Aviation, and Southwest Airlines, elaborate pieces of art were chosen to enhance the large walls and ceilings. Landscape scenes, sunrises, and flowers depicting the Texan lifestyle beautify the expanded walls. What looks like a photograph is actually created from millions of hand-cut, hand painted tiles. This aspect brings a sense of identity for the community and adds uniqueness and character to the Love Field Airport.

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