Value for Virginia's Community Colleges

Christy Ullo
Faithful+Gould will continue to provide value engineering services to Virginia Community Colleges, as our contract is renewed for another year. Previous projects for this client have included Northern Virginia Community College’s Phase 3 academic building, accomodating classrooms, computer and science labs.

Faithful+Gould has had its contract renewed with Virginia Community College System (VCCS) and will continue to provide value engineering (VE) services to community colleges across the state for the next year.

Blue Ridge Community CollegeThe Virginia Community College System is responsible for 23 community colleges on 40 campuses across the state, including Blue Ridge Community College, Northern Virginia Community College and Tidewater Community College.
Under the original contract, Faithful+Gould conducted a value engineering workshop for Northern Virginia Community College.

Over the course of 5 days, our VE team evaluated designs for the college’s Phase 3 academic building. The 3 story, 60,000ft² free-standing building will accommodate classrooms, computer labs, training rooms and science labs for biology, biotechnology and engineering.