What A Difference An Extra Day Makes

Dale Potts
Faithful+Gould is making the most of the extra February day this leap year by swapping commercial deadlines for community spirit.

For the leading cost and project management consultancy, the 29th February 2008 presents an additional opportunity for staff to give something back… by devoting time to a variety of ethical and socially responsible projects.

With Scottish offices in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen, staff from Faithful+Gould are preparing to swap their normal dealings in transport, property and industry for socially rewarding and charitable activities. The company is now calling for charities to get in touch if they are looking for support on a community project over the next month. Faithful+Gould, as well as providing enthusiastic helpers, may also be able to source materials if required.

Managing director at Faithful+Gould Scotland, George Murray said: "We believe that we can make an impact and have devoted the extra day this year to making a difference. Releasing our staff from office and site duties not only delivers benefits to dedicated causes, it’s also a valuable way to reinforce our core values. It is a demonstration of our commitment to invest in our staff and the local community."

"We commit our expertise to a number of environmental, social and charitable initiatives each year.

"Ultimately our long term aim is to inspire staff by building on our activity year on year, and the leap year bonus day is just one way we’re getting active."

Research shows that a growing percentage of graduates now consider ethical practices as one of the most important factors when comparing and considering employers, with one survey of 800 MBAs citing ethical reputation and caring for employees as the fourth and fifth most important employer attributes (intellectual challenge, geographic area and financial package - 1st, 2nd and 3rd) with 97 per cent of respondents claiming they were willing to forego financial benefits for a caring employer [1].

Charities who would like to invite members of the Faithful+Gould staff to spend a day with them and assist them in their work should contact Ian Duncan, Marketing Manager for Faithful+Gould in Scotland at ian.duncan@fgould.com.

The company will donate the extra day before the end of the current financial year.

[1] Alice LaPlante, “MBAs Seek Caring, Ethical Employers,” Stanford Business Magazine, May 2004, reporting on research of Professors David B. Montgomery and Catherine A. Ramos.